The Problem

  • 50.3%
    Grade III children can only read Grade I level text
  • 40%
    Average scores of primary school children
  • 50.8%
    Children attend school on a regular basis
  • 92%
    Primary school children lost a previously-learned language ability during COVID
  • Source: ASER, 2019; Aziz Premji Foundation, 2021

Indian children lag behind in foundational literacy and numeracy

India's primary school enrollment continues to increase but the numbers for attendance, engagement, and outcomes say otherwise.


Indian women graduate but don't work in the public sphere

India produced more women STEM graduates than the US and UK, but its number of women in the workforce are among the lowest in the world.

  • 2x
    Women unemployed as compared to our men
  • 60%
    Women in the productive age bracket who are homemakers
  • 23.4%
    Female labour participation rate
  • 19.6M
    Women who quit or lost their jobs

Source: World Bank

Our Interventions


Providing India's female graduate force an opportunity to break free from poverty through teacher training


Delivering free after-school education support for underprivileged primary school children

Custom Workshops

Growing English-language skills, communication skills, teaching methodologies and more through custom workshops


Volunteer With Us

Shraddha Maanu Foundation appreciates the act of volunteering as it is with the help of our volunteers we are able to give hope to the people in need. If donating money is an act of love, then donating one’s time to help our mission of aiding destitute people attain a better livelihood is an act of compassion. We value every such volunteer who will share the same empathy as us.