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Starting 2018, Shraddha Maanu has connected with 250 female graduates in both rural and urban areas, and got them started on their teaching journeys.

These women faced diverse obstacles with their careers - lack of structural and emotional support, limited access to training, or lack of awareness or confidence. Now, they form a tightly-knit community at Upasana, and empower themselves and their primary-school students.

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How does Upasana work?

Key subjects delivered through innovative sessions


Upasana's trainees are trained by volunteering individuals in English, Math, Science and Value Education (Culture & Life Skills) through multiple intelligence methodology (verbal, logical, intra/inter-personal, kinesthetic, visual and musical).

Theoretical and practical training that creates the best teachers to provide quality child education


The trainees attend 150 hours of online/hybrid sessions over 2-3 months in batch sizes of 20-30, and undergo 3 months of On-the-Job Training, Following which they are assessed and certified.

Continuing support and mentorship that helps trainees succeed


Our mentorship program ensures that the trainees have all the support they need to conduct and manage classes, and achieve set goals. This is also a factor that makes Upasana a great second chance program for women restarting their career after a break.

What we Look
for in a Teacher

We welcome women candidates from socially or economically marginalised communities with

A Bachelors degree

A desire to pursue a career

An inclination to become financially productive

An interest in teaching to make a social impact


How does one benefit from joining Upasana?

An Upasana member changes her own life and the lives of the children around her by creating an ever-lasting social impact.
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Case studies

upsana case study

Sridevi's marriage obligations conflicted with her desire for a career.

upsana case studies

Tamizharasi worried about safety at the workplace.