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  • Multiple Intelligence workshop for teachers​
  • Design Thinking workshop for teachers
  • Classroom Management
  • New Age Teaching workshop
  • English Language Training for Teachers

Multiple Intelligence workshop for teachers

Have you ever wondered why your students react in different ways to the activities that you do in the class? Why do some students really enjoy working in groups whilst others are much more productive working alone? Why some students doodle in their note books?

What’s special about MI Workshop?

The answer is in the theory of multiple intelligences (MI), an evidence-based theory developed by Professor Howard Gardner. MI theory claims that human beings have a number of discrete intellectual capacities. This offers educators a powerful way to address diverse learner profiles.

Duration : 2 days (4 sessions)


  • Understand the principles of Multiple Intelligences theory and how it differs from the traditional definition of intelligence.
  • Recognize and appreciate differing students' strengths and learning differences
  • Apply the principles of the theory of Multiple Intelligences in the classroom
  • Identify the various teaching Strategies that can exercise the different intelligence areas.
  • Use simple meaningful activities to engage your students and make learning fun
  • Make the curriculum accessible to all students with all patterns of intelligences
  • Design a lesson plan that incorporates MI principles.

Design Thinking workshop for teachers

Design thinking is an innovative process that is being used by schools to tackle challenges and foster creative thinking that the real world demands in the 21st century. This workshop will allow participants to learn the basics about design thinking. Teachers participate in the design thinking process as a learner and also discover how it might be used to empower students. This workshop can empower teachers to take an active role in solving school-based challenges? This workshop allows school leaders and teachers to engage in the design thinking process to foster creativity and transform the school. Whatever the challenge might be, participants will be empowered with a creative and problem-solving process to take more ownership and create real change in their school.

Duration: 1 day (2 sessions)


  • Develop a mindset for design thinking and innovation
  • Use multiple brainstorming techniques to find innovative solutions
  • Learn practical frameworks and tools that can be used to structure successful innovation and creative thinking
  • Develop viable solutions to challenges using design thinking

Classroom Management

This module covers the principles of classroom management, that will help them create a classroom environment that supports student achievement and fosters positive behaviours. Through interactive and engaging activities participants will learn how to boost motivation, establish classroom rules, and handle difficult behaviours.

Duration : 1/2 day (1 session)


  • Manage classroom effectively by establishing rules and logical consequences
  • Deal with difficult behaviours
  • Design effective methods for increased student engagement
  • Motivate reluctant learners and make them realise their potential

New Age Teaching workshop

New technologies and digital media are changing the world, and education should not fall behind!

This Module helps teachers to leverage technology and integrate digital tools, content, and pedagogies into their lesson plan.

Duration : 1 day (2 sessions)


  • Learn realistic ways to integrate technology into your classroom
  • Understand the components of a Flipped Classroom and how to successfully implement it in class.
  • Use collaborative online platforms to build an effective learning environment
  • Use technology to help children master the 4 C’s – creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

English Language Training

We come across a lot of Excellent teachers, unable to speak or handle classes in English. English has become an extremely critical skill for educators Today. Having this in mind, we offer customized programs in English based on the requirements of the school. The program deals with vocabulary, grammar, spoken language, presentation skills etc.

The curriculum is aligned to CEFR standards (Common European Framework of Reference) and the program is designed to suit specific needs of each school.

Duration: 40 Hrs of training spread over 6 months


  • To develop the use of the receptive (reading, listening) and productive (speaking, writing) language skills
  • Improve fluency in speaking English
  • Increase awareness of correct usage of English grammar in writing and speaking
  • Develop reading skills and reading speed
  • Enhance comprehension skills in English
  • Communicate confidently and effectively in everyday life


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